Changemakers of Africa

Meet the brightest startups that are shaping the future of Africa.

LabEight* Africa Portfolio

LabEight* Africa was launched with the hope of creating a better future for the African ecosystem. Some of the brightest startups associated with LabEight* Africa are scaling their visions into realities across a plethora of sectors including Edtech, Agritech, Fintech, transportation and consumer marketplaces.

The LabEight* Africa accelerator program provides these startups access to LabEight* Africa’s extensive network of advisors, marketers, partners, mentors, and investors. Startups are assigned to mentors who are experts in their fields with whom they attend regular meetings to provide updates and receive feedback and ideas.

In addition, they participate in weekly sessions with advisors who offer insights into various aspects of startups such as perfecting pitches or product development. Following their completion of the programme, each business will continuously scale up and continue to receive support from LabEight* Africa and all associated parties.

Fall 2021 - LaunchPad #3


An on demand mobile app solution that allows users to request and schedule home check ups. Axocheck enables people in the diaspora to obtain reliable information on the health of their relatives in Africa.


Provides farmers with working capital and access to ready markets.


A platform where MSMEs can access short-term loans to finance their working capital, within 24 hours and without the need for tangible collateral.


Allows users to lease motorcycles on a pay as you go basis and provides value adding services such as loans, insurance and repairs.


Provides simple and cost effective solar routers that provide prepaid internet access and lighting for business, schools and individuals.

Spring 2021 - LaunchPad #2

Aquafarm Africa

AquaFarms Africa’s aquaponic system is a sustainable, affordable and simple soil-less alternative to traditional farming. The social franchise model allows new entrepreneurs to focus on production, while AquaFarms Africa manages other areas of the operational value chain.


T40 is building a platform that will connect operators with the travelers they serve to the fast growing digital economy in Africa. Using web and mobile applications, the platform will offer modern inventory management, fleet and ops management, logistics, and CRM.

Loose Change

LooseChange is Improving the convenience of doing financial transactions with ease, security and reliability. Using mobile devices to instantly access, receive and send change (lower denominations). Customers will be able to use their phone to scan QR codes in order to collect or send transactions.


Echoboo's online platform will connect artisan with clients in real-time, conduct quality checks and builds trust, and create easily accessible data of service providers .The company strives to create a best in line freelance marketplace delivering high quality services at affordable prices.

Fall 2020 - LaunchPad #1


A-Trader provides access to added-value savings and investment mechanisms for over 300 million middle class Africans, the majority of whom use informal mechanisms to manage and grow their earnings.


Quizac creates a higher learning engagement around subject topics using gamification techniques. Quizac takes away the boredom in learning by presenting topics as a game while also ensuring students retain learned information at least, twice as long as traditional methods.


OneFarm-Tech is an Agritech company that is committed to empowering farmers through a platform offers solutions to a diverse range of agricultural challenges to consequently improve the end-to-end efficiency of the agri supply chain in Nigeria and beyond.

Benny & Freddy

Benny & Freddy supports marginalized women and girls with cost-effective, eco-friendly and sustainable period products. Our FlyGirl Period Kit provides a girl with a variety of options of menstrual products from Reusable Sanitary Pads to a Menstrual Cup.