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Applications for LabEight* Africa Fall 2021 are now open!

Apply to the LabEight* Africa Fall 2021 program.

At LabEight Africa, our vision is to build an ecosystem of socially conscious local entrepreneurs that deliver world class solutions over the next decade.

Our mission is to support local entrepreneurs by providing the necessary operational and technical support as well as equipping them with the leadership and business skills needed to build socially conscious solutions while still delivering on our mandate of growing a world class local ecosystem.

Our Objectives

Training & Mentorship

To help young local entrepreneurs develop world class solutions.

Social Impact

To contribute in the growth of the tech ecosystem on the continent.

Solve Problems

To develop solutions that solves socio-economic problems.


About the program


Product Development

Matchmaking with an experienced Co-Founder and CTO/CxO to lead product development and market growth.


Business advisory and mentorship by assigning a team of experienced entrepreneurs to help provide in depth and personalized advice.


Development and execution of growth strategies to enable customer acquisition, validation and market expansion.

Investor Relations

Media Inquiries


What you will receive

Participating companies will receive the following services during the program

CTO/CxO matchmaking
with key serial entrepreneurs and experienced product developers to join the startup and the
founding team.
Individualized coaching
and mentorship from the LabEight* team, 25+ mentors including serial entrepreneurs and investors through
one-on-one meetings.
LabSeries events
featuring topics relevant to startups including understanding market size, choosing a revenue model, and how to
Exclusive Pitch Night
during which participating companies have the opportunity to pitch to an audience of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and
community members.
Build relationships
within each cohort of companies and the community of global LabEight*

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    Are you a CTO/CxO and looking to join a disruptive startup?

    Are you a seasoned engineer or business professional looking for your next adventure?

    • You understand systems design? You are a seasoned solutions developer and have an eye for quality and performance?

    • You have an inquisitive nature, always asking questions and constantly learning.

    • Do you love to get stuff done? You love to roll up your sleeves, put your headphones on and code, hack growth or build relationships?

    • Are you are a leader who can attract talent and manage a team and take pride in growing as a leader.

    • Seeking your next adventure and looking to solve socio-economic problems and contribute in the growth of the tech ecosystem on the continent?

    • Does culture matter to you? Do you believe that values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of the people are what make the difference.


    Executive team*

    Ahmad Al-Hidiq
    Dr Emmanuel Owobu
    Joy Jack
    Jason D. Salvagni
    Rohan Goswami
    Seth Keller

    What makes us

    Our Incubator will work with local founders on their ideas to build solutions that are sustainable. Each cohort will focus on one niche, and try to solve socio economic issues in that niche.

    This will allow for easy collaboration, strong network of partners and knowledge sharing. In addition, it will allow LabEight* Africa to develop the best possible solutions for that niche.

    As part of the program, we will connect the founders with an experienced CTO/CxO. This will allow single or dual founders to partner with technology and business experts that will allow them to build the best possible product.

    This will allow non-technical founders to join forces with a CTO and technical founders to partner with CxOs that will allow them to iterate their models, test their solution and onboard initial paying customers.

    We are not only building world class products/solutions, we are building world class entrepreneurs and providing needed exposure for techies and aspiring founders. Similarly, we will introduce aspiring entrepreneurs as interns and EiRs early into organised systems of work and entrepreneurship.