LabEight* Africa Opens its Doors for Applicants for the LaunchPad Spring 2021 Programme


TORONTO, ON, Canada – January 19th 2021 — LabEight* Africa is thrilled to announce its LaunchPad Spring 2021 programme and has opened its doors to founders and entrepreneurs across Africa to apply to the programme.


The LabEight* Africa Programme aims to support local entrepreneurs by providing the necessary operational and technical support as well as equipping them with the leadership and business skills needed to build socially conscious solutions while still delivering on its mandate of growing a world class local ecosystem.


The programme will offer a range of services:

1- Product development

2- Founders/co-founders matchmaking with experienced CTOs/CxOs

3- Business advisory

4- Personalised mentorship

5- Development and execution of growth strategies to enable customer acquisition, validation and market expansion.


The 12 week programme will start on March 1st 2021 and demo day is scheduled for June 15th 2021 and we aim to accept 6 startups to join our programme. Founders can submit their applications and apply here


More information is available on our website:

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