Our goal is
to democratize healthcare

Kayan is a unified and integrated healthcare platform, that brings Artificial Intelligence to help with symptom checking and triage, that integrates with wearable devices to bring vital data into a holistic patient profile, helps your patients make sense of their vitals by continuously learning about their health and proactively monitoring them.


Triage their own symptoms

Supports patients with pre-diagnosis of their health issues and guide them to the right specialist.

Personalized non-urgent advice

Helps monitor patients and notifies the doctor when something is out of the ordinary and calls 911 if it deems it necessary

Doctor on demand

Streamlining communication between the patient and doctor through chat and high quality voice and video calls.

Our objective is to produce a global unified and integrated healthcare platform that serves and facilitates all healthcare related needs of all individuals and enhance their quality of life.

AI Powered Triage

An artificially intelligent platform that helps your patients triage their symptoms through chat and voice.

Wearable Integration

A platform that integrates with wearable devices and diagnostic tools to streamline live vital data to a private and secure patient health profile.

Continuous Learning

A platform that is continuously learning about the person’s health and proactively monitors them.


Patients would be able to connect with a Doctor through Q&A and real time communication

Chat Engine

Private and secure chat engine that provides end-to-end encrypted text, voice, video, document and picture messages.

Patient Profile

A holistic patient profile with full communication history and health records.

Our Partners

Healthcare Providers

Hospitals and clinics who are looking to re-imagine their patient experience in the clinic and outside by providing them with a white labelled telemedicine platform.


Companies that are looking to embrace wellbeing and deliver initiatives that improves their employees' experiences and promotes a healthy workplace driving productivity.

Governments & NGOs

Providing people in refugee camps, developing countries and rural areas with free healthcare access through our open source telehealth platform.

Get in touch with our team and let’s work together on democratizing your patients’ healthcare. Drop us an email and let’s discuss.